31 December 2011

Winter in Gainesville

Winters here are mild, as you may remember me mentioning a time or two. (I miss real winters...) So the things we do on vacation days may not be the same things the rest of the country does in late December. For example, yesterday we went to visit the butterflies. 
Resli and Lela were sure to wear shirts with butterflies on them in hopes of attracting some winged friends.

Resli immediately grabbed one of the booklets so she could tell us what we saw.
We all took some time to rest on the bench. There are tons of tiny birds behind us, but you can't see them.
We looked at the huge fish and the tiny baby turtles.
And look who attracted a blue morpho! (I give Kennedy all the credit.)
Before I could move, I got another one...
and then the morpho was back too! 

Just inside they have these beautiful butterfly benches. 
Lela refused to sit on the other one. I don't remember what the problem was, but there was something she was grouching about.
But everyone perked up when we went to the kids' Discovery Room. The wind tunnel was lots of fun.
And magnets and magnifying glasses are always good for learning and entertainment, right?
What a lovely way to spend a spring day. Oh, wait, it's supposedly 'winter.' Whatever.


Terri0220 said...

Love that place! I need to go back. I love looking at pictures of your beautiful daughters! (Oh yeah, you and Harvey too!)

Melissa said...

Awesome. Just all 'round awesome.

hlward said...

Let the record show that following my lovely wife's taunting of the weather gods, we have now had two consecutive sub-freezing nights and are braced for a predicted third.