28 April 2010

Resli's first Girl Scouts meeting

Growing up seems like it's going to be so much fun, with all these exciting adventures ahead of me! Tonight Mami and I went to our first Girl Scouts meeting to see if I want to sign up to be a Daisy Scout in the fall.
I met a lot of other Girl Scouts and troop leaders and we sang songs,

and did crafts, and learned all about the Girl Scout Promise and Law.

We had a good time, and I'm looking forward to becoming a Daisy in October!
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25 April 2010

Time for a little toes-up

Resli gave up her afternoon nap long ago, even though she desperately needs more sleep than she gets. (And I could always use a few extra winks here and there myself!) Some days, though, the fatigue just gets the better of her. She crawled up into my lap this afternoon and before I knew it she was snoring. Ever considerate as I am, I thought it would be rude to bother her, so I sat quietly myself. Before we knew it we were both out for what Nana likes to call a little toes-up.

An hour later we both felt quite rested, if a little groggy. We'll see if we can ever sleep tonight...
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24 April 2010

In search of alligators

This afternoon we decided to go on an alligator adventure. We drove out to Payne's Prairie to see if we could spot any. It was a beautiful afternoon.

Although the bright sun made the photo ops somewhat tricky...

We learned about the various amphibians that inhabit the prairie.

And we saw proof that the alligators do exist ....

But we weren't lucky enough to spot any of the reptiles themselves.
This may be due to the fact that we've had so little rain lately that there was very little water there. In this picture you can see that there's only a very small lake way out in the distance. Sometimes when we go the water is all the way up to the observation deck.

Maybe next time we'll see Albert and Alberta...

Happy Birthday Aunt Lizzie!

Today Aunt Lizzie and Uncle Brian came to visit and to help Aunt Lizzie celebrate her upcoming birthday. We had cake and sang to her.

Resli helped her blow out her candles.

Lela and Grandma exchanged a high-five in their excitement over the success of that adventure.

And Lela and Liz posed for a goddaughter-fairy godmother picture.

We hope you have a great birthday, Aunt Lizzie!
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21 April 2010

Kindergarten Round-Up Day

Today was a very special day here in Gainesville - it's Kindergarten Round Up Day when all 5 year olds get to go to the school where they'll be going to kindergarten and see the classrooms, meet the teachers, all that kind of stuff. 
I was so excited I could barely contain myself!

Mami and Daddy walked me down the street to my school. This is the first of many of these walks.

You may remember Glen Springs as the school near my house where we go to play on the playground every now and then... Well, this is going to be my school as of August! I'm very excited about the playground part.
 I'm also pretty excited about the school part, and the kindergarten part!   

We met the mascot, the "tiger", and then we kids went off with the kindergarten teachers and played and sang and had snacks. 

Mami spent a long time filling out paperwork.

All in all, it was a successful afternoon.
Ready or not, Glen Springs, HERE I COME!

17 April 2010

Water fight!

Mami got some neat water shooters at the store today, so we decided to check them out.
It took a while to get the hang of it, 

but we figured it out.
Daddy helped, too.
Until he turned on us!!

We got wet and had fun. And, of course, danced.
All in a morning's work!

11 April 2010

Breakfast fun

Resli and Lela love sitting RIGHT next to each other for breakfast.
They have to be touching, or it's not close enough!

Easy like Saturday morning

There's nothing like hanging out in the hammock on a lazy Saturday morning.

09 April 2010

Is there a doctor in the house?

It's been a rough several weeks in our household, with illness after illness. At one point I think all four of us were on some kind of antibiotic or another... This week is vacation for the girls' school, which is just as well because it's been no different health-wise than previous weeks. Lela had a brief but intense stomach bug that required an entire box of pullups to get through it. Resli is still having trouble hearing and has all kinds of congestion and cough issues, and it turns out she has yet another ear infection. And then yesterday SHE got the stomach bug and pretty much vomited any time anything other than water entered her system. She had a fever, although seems to be better today. But we're taking it easy just in case.

Of course, she can still manage a smile for the camera.

I think she's on the mend... For now, at least.

UPDATE 4/8: I take that back. After a light dinner it turns out that no, the vomiting is not over!

UPDATE 4/9: Just came back from Pediatric After Hours with Resli - had to get dual shots of an antibiotic since she can't keep the antibiotics down and the ears are getting worse (two infections now). Traumatic but hopefully on the way to getting better - although we need another, maybe two more shots after 24 and 48 hours. Poor thing. Lela had another round of hers this morning but seems to be ok now. Harvey has the flu too.

08 April 2010

It's not ALL pink and princesses

There's no doubt that Lela share's Resli's fascination with all things pink, frilly, flowery and princessy. She even knows the words to all the princess songs now. (Sigh.)
BUT, there's more to her than just that.... There's a little tomboy in there every now and then too. The latest interest is in toy cars and trucks.

She sets them up and runs them off one by one.

And tries to see which one goes the farthest. Or takes the funniest turns and crashes.

We're happy to get a break from Aurora and Cinderella and Tiana and Ariel and Jasmine and Snow White...
(Check the link, yes, there really is a website just for the Disney princesses!)
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The anniversary tree

Last year, for their fifth anniversary, Mami gave Daddy a citrus tree. We were very nervous this past winter with all the cold weather we've been having, since so many citrus trees in Florida suffered. So we didn't know what to expect come spring - dead tree? It turns out the tree seems to be thriving.

See those pretty white flowers? Maybe one day those will bear pretty orange tangerines!

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04 April 2010

Easter at church

We went to church early this morning because it was Easter and there were all kinds of special things going on there. Like snacks!
The first thing we did was help decorate a cross for the procession. We each put a flower on it.

Here we are with our finished product.

Then there was an egg hunt too. Sisters gotta stick together and help each other out.
But a girl's gotta look out for her own eggs too!

After church we went over to Grandma and Granddaddy's house for lunch - and more egg hunting! What a busy morning!

Happy Easter!

We woke up this morning to discover that someone had been in our house! Look, there was a trail of jelly beans leading from our rooms out to the living room . . . 

and leading right to these awesome Easter baskets! It must have been the Easter Bunny. (Or his cousins, the dust bunnies...)
We found all kinds of goodies in our baskets.

Look, eggs!

The Easter Bunny brought us these new dresses too, aren't they pretty?

What a great way to wake up, don't you think? Happy Easter to you all, too!