30 August 2011

Two-month check-up (two weeks late)

We've been so busy that we couldn't get Kennedy in to see Dr. Grooms until a few weeks after her 2-month-birthday, but today we finally made it.
We entertained ourselves well for a few minutes while waiting.
Kennedy now weighs 11 pounds 13 ounces (50th percentile) and is 23 inches long (75th percentile). 
And she was a champ when it came to the shots.
Overall, the diagnosis was "healthy and happy"!

Another great gift

One of the students in our graduate program made - yes made - Kennedy this wonderful banner/sign as a gift. Isn't it just amazing? 
She made an "R" and an "L" for Resli and Lela (obviously) too.

I was too excited to hang it up to even wait for Kennedy to wake up.
Clearly, though, she was not disturbed.
Nor did Lela's singing, dancing and prodding seem to bother her.
Hurrah for a good sleeper, and for generous and talented graduate students!

Happy smiles

28 August 2011

The future belongs to those who prepare

According to the internets, the above is a paraphrase of a Malcom X quotation. He isn't particularly relevant here, but that thought kept running through my head as I engaged in my Sunday culinary preparations for the week. Well, at least the lunchtime culinary preparations.
Primarily, this means making lunches for everyone (who eats food) in our house. And even preparing a little of the other stuff for Kennedy too!

Yes, it makes me seem a little obsessive compulsive, but I'd rather spend 45 minutes doing it today than 15 or so minutes every single night. There is power in the assembly line!

27 August 2011

Three times the fun

All three of our lovely young ladies were on the floor playing together and seeming mostly to enjoy themselves. 

So I thought I'd get out the camera and see what I could capture. 

Kennedy is one lucky girl to have such great big sisters. And will be strong and able to endure anything by doing so much 'playing' with them!

Bath time happiness

Kennedy truly enjoys her evening bath, and is starting to play and splash a little.
But the best part by far is still the post-bath cuddles.

22 August 2011

In Kennedy's words...

This is how Kennedy and Harvey spend their evenings together...

And she smiles, too. It was just hard to get the smiles and  the coos all on the same clip...

First day of school!

Resli went back to school today ... as a big first grader! (The "one" is thus appropriate not only for first day but also for first grade.)
We all decided to walk down with her this morning, because it was such an important day. Harvey had to carry most of the items from the incredibly long supply list, 
while I carried Kennedy!
Resli would have been just as happy to walk by herself, I think. She was optimistic and confident and happy, which was a lovely change from last year at this time.
She's in the multi-age class this year, which we hope will be a wonderful experience for her.
If today is any indication, then we have great things to look forward to.

16 August 2011

TWO months old already!

Uh oh... What day is today?

That's what I thought - the 16th! Kennedy is two months old today!

Ta-daa, here's the 2-month-old herself, with a special sign made just for her by her proud older sister.

Over all, it's been a great two months.

Separation anxiety

As the new academic year cranks up, I am having to spend more time away from Kennedy - and starting this week she'll be with someone other than me for four days a week. 
We're trying to cope with that as best we can.
But I won't lie, the separation anxiety is pretty much only on my part. 
She seems to be weathering it all just fine!

Bonding with Daddy

In the evenings Harvey and Kennedy have some good times together. He is the recipient of the most smiles, for sure.

And they have this great game where they look each other in the eye,

And then Kennedy licks his head!

OK, maybe it's a little odd, but it's become sort of a father-daughter tradition over the years...

At play

Sisters are about the best thing ever when it comes to playtime.

For example, Resli never hesitates to get down on the floor and share tummy time with Kennedy. Sure, she may force her to eat some gator tail, but if that's not love, then what is? 

Lela, likewise, enjoys a good cuddle with Kennedy, even if the hand-holding is a bit forced.
(Pardon the nudity, the pre-shower period is particularly good for sibling interaction!)

08 August 2011

The GO GATORS series

One of Kennedy's (our?) favorite gifts she's received is this gator rattle. 

It's perfect for a little cheering. Da na na na na... Go Gators!

Da na na na na... Go Gators!

Come on Gators, get up and go!


05 August 2011

A real castle!!

On the way home from our vacation at the beach we took a short detour up to St. Augustine. Harvey's intention was to teach the girls a little bit about Florida history by visiting the fort (Castillo de San Marcos, although everyone here just calls it The Fort). The girls, however, were mostly just excited at the prospect of visiting a real castle! To their credit, they didn't seem all that disappointed when they realized it did not, in fact, look like Disneyworld.
I like all the Spanish history of course - here's the Castilla y Leon crest.
Harvey explained that this magnificent view was really about protecting the fort and the city from pirates by having lookouts watching the water.
Resli even showed some interest in how it all worked...

And they both listened patiently to the explanations.

Lela's attention did tend to wander though...

And truth be told, it was hot and pretty uncomfortable. 

So after a quick look around up top and a quick tour of the rooms below, we called it a day and went exploring for lunch.