05 August 2011

Beach week, part 2

It would probably make for better blogging if our adventures at the beach were neatly divided by days or themes, but I simply don't have it in me. So this is Part 2 of 2 - the rest of the fun and games are revealed here, in random snippets.

Mornings at the beach were a fun time for dad and the girls, before we lathered up to face the sun.
The littler girls usually needed a nap before they got going again. Luckily, the sofa was big enough for two swaddles.

Once awake, Kennedy enjoyed tummy time so much more with cousin Atticus around to entertain her.
And just in case you wondered, the spit-up still comes out her nose!

Just for good measure, here are a couple more beach pictures.

The beach is always wonderful, but the condo complex where we were also had a lovely pool area, complete with kiddie pool and splash pad too, so we spent some time there as well.
We were close enough to Jacksonville that Aunt Liz was able to drive down to spend some time with her favorite nieces.

In the evenings, we all got cleaned up and ready for dinner. Resli and Lela got fancy sundresses from Liz, perfect for our glamorous night out. (And with two handsome gentlemen to accompany them!)
Of course, some of us enjoyed the night out more than others...

That same evening, we took advantage and got some nice family photos too - it's not often we're all together with someone else to take pictures!

There was (always!) time for silliness, too. Kennedy enjoyed riding on her sisters' shoulders!

On our last morning, Harvey took the girls down for one last swim. Kennedy didn't want to be bothered with all the hassle, so she and I watched from the sixth floor balcony. Even though it's far away, this may be my favorite photo of the trip.


Jen said...

Absolutely beautiful photos! I would have to agree that the last photo is fabulous!! Miss you all!

Anonymous said...

Great photos, so glad you had a great time at the beach. It is a calming place to be, even with a bunch of kids. Lots to do outside!