29 January 2011

Bedtime stories

Resli takes her big sister responsibilities very seriously. Now that she's getting so good at reading, she enjoys reading Lela her bedtime story.

(This is a book we've had for years, since I was pregnant with Lela, but we haven't read it in ages. So while Resli knew the context and could obviously use the pictures to help, she did read each and every word!)

Would you, could you . . . in a house?

Daddy made an extra special treat for dinner the other night:

In spite of their love of the Dr. Seuss book, the girls have not fully embraced its message, as they were a bit put off by the color and reluctant to try them.
(They did not want them here or there. They did not want them anywhere.)
Silly girls.

Together time

In between fighting like devils, Resli and Lela have good moments of loving to be together. Our armchairs are the perfect size for the two of them to cuddle up and read or watch TV together.

And occasionally try to nap together. (The only times they're allowed to use thumb/pacifier are at naptime and bedtime!)

This day did happen to end in a short doze for Lela, which she began with her head on Resli's shoulder. It was about the cutest thing ever. (Until Resli told her she was making her uncomfortable and pushed her head over to the other side. Sigh.)
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28 January 2011

Hello, everyone!

Greetings, world! 
You don't know me yet, but around the end of June I'll join you in this big big world and introduce myself properly. For now, I wanted to give you a sneak preview. 
This is my profile:
And these are my feet. They do a LOT of kicking these days!
Oh, and just so you know, I'm another girl!
See you in a few months...

22 January 2011

Sue's retirement party

Sue, the office manager for the Spanish and Portuguese Studies Department, retired this week. We had a party at our house today to help her celebrate and although many folks were unable to make it, there were well over 70 people here. I made this Smilebox to share with Sue, which I will, but I thought I'd post it here too in case any one is interested (?). The picture are all colleagues and students from my department or the French and Italian sections of the Languages, Literatures & Cultures Department. (We were formerly Romance Languages and Literatures, and were split apart a few years ago.)
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17 January 2011

Recipe for disaster?

2 girls under age 6
1 holiday (=no public school)
handful of things to do in my office
rain until saturated

In a fit of desperation, add:
1 large umbrella

Stand back and watch, enjoying the spectacle while making sure nobody loses an eye.

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16 January 2011

Girl Scout Cookies!

This year, since Resli is a Daisy Scout, she gets to sell Girl Scout cookies. Thanks to the generosity of friends and family, she's made several sales through us, but today we decided to do a little door-to-door selling in our neighborhood.
Resli got her Daisy vest on and grabbed the order form and, after a little practicing, she was ready for human interaction.

She pretty fearlessly approached houses and rang doorbells, although tended to falter a little on the spiel, especially if someone interrupted the routine (by, say, asking "How are you?").

Thankfully, Lela was there with her pony Peppermint, and she kept Resli in good spirits.

In just a couple blocks, we sold 10 boxes of cookies to six people. (Apparently, many of you venture out into the world on Sunday afternoons...) Not bad for her first cold calls.
By the way, if you're interested in buying some cookies, we're taking orders through January 23rd. Cookies will be delivered later in February, and money ($4/box) is due at that time. We're always willing to help you get your fix of Samoas or Thin Mints!
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Modern mall marvels

There's no better way to kill time on a cold, wet Saturday than playing at the mall. Sure, there's the kids' play area, but we also like exploring what kind of wonderful inventions are for sale these days.
Resli was especially intrigued, for example, by the 3D TVs.

And both girls thought the Shake Weight was an excellent opportunity for fun and toning.

Luckily, though, the weather is improving and we can send them outside to play now!
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14 January 2011


I know it's been cold and snowy in many other parts of the country, but it's been ridiculously cold here in Florida too. Thank goodness Lela has a warm jacket and these wonderful mittens and hat from cousin Atticus.

Getting the hang of it

Resli got a bike for Christmas last year (2009!) and since then Lela's been riding the big wheels. Between Resli's relative lack of, ehem, grace and coordination, our lack of time, and the scarcity of days in which the weather is pleasant outside (either too hot or too wet or too cold), we haven't been very good at helping them practice riding...
However, over the holiday break we made a point of going out to ride every day. Lo and behold, Resli miraculously figured out the art of peddling and steering, almost at the same time! Lela still scoots along without pedals, and occasionally steers too.

This is really exciting for Resli, and she gets better each time she rides!

I know many of her friends are working on getting rid of their training wheels, but we're just thrilled to see this progress. Lela loves it too, by the way.
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Hiding from the doctor

When we go see Dr. Grooms, the girls like to hide under the examination table and pretend they aren't there.

Then they jump out and surprise Dr. Grooms.
Sure, the floor is dirty and full of germs, but it's fun!
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