28 March 2011

"All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go..."

Resli and Lela are off on a very special adventure this week - Grandma and Granddaddy are taking them to South Carolina to see Aunt Joy. WITHOUT Mami and Daddy! (Not on a jet plane, just a normal car.)
They've been very excited for weeks and wanted to pack their suitcases ages ago.
But finally on Sunday we let them get started. They got super silly with bowls on their heads and pajamas on their bodies (it was 3pm) - an indicator of how ridiculously excited they were. 
 But once the bags were packed and the clothes for the next morning were laid out, they did manage to get some sleep. 
And this morning, they left. 
I miss them already...

21 March 2011

Mani Pedi day!

We had a great day at the living room spa over the weekend!
The girls were thrilled with their manicures,

and pedicures!

Lela enjoyed the lounge-around time letting her nails dry.

Although Resli was not nearly as happy with the idea of having to SIT and DO NOTHING for 20 minutes...

Either way, they're both happy now with their lovely colors (red and blue for Lela, red and sparkly pink for Resli)!
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13 March 2011

Happy Mardi Gras!

We had a Shrove Tuesday pancake supper at church to celebrate Mardi Gras.
Haarvey and I particularly enjoyed the face painting, while the girls got in to making masks and tiaras and such.

There was king's cake - Resli got a baby! (Lela didn't... )

There was a parade of dancing children, too.

I don't think I need to mention that our children are always up for a good dance!
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A brief getaway

Earlier this week, thanks to a fabulous Living Social coupon offer and brave grandparents willing to brave the overnight babysitting, the parents in the house got a short getaway to Savannah, GA. It was a little chilly but we spent a nice afternoon walking around the town and seeing the sights.

Then, after some toes-up time in our nice bed and breakfast, we got dressed up and went out to dinner.

We had breakfast the next morning out by the pool, which was beautiful but it was way too cold to contemplate anything more than looking.

And then before heading back home we drove to the beach at Tybee Island, just to get a glimpse.

It was quick, but worth a little vacation!
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05 March 2011

Welcome to our new cousin!

We have a new cousin, as of 2:04am this morning. Her name is Emmeline and she is Atticus' little sister.
Isn't she beautiful? Welcome, Emmeline, and much love to you and Atticus, from Resli and Lela!

Oh what a beautiful morning!

This morning was so beautiful that we spent some time chilling in the hammock.
Spring time in North Florida sure is a wonderful thing!