06 October 2020

Beach House Trip 2016

 These are some photos from way back 2016, on our beach trip to North Carolina! We stayed in a beach house for about a week with the whole family, and celebrated Nana's birthday! We even drove a little to see Grandpa and Aunt Jennifer in their little condo on the beach!! We had so much fun here!

Here is a picture of us trying to take a timed picture for Nana's birthday and the camera almost fell over!
We had such a great time and we love and miss you so much Nana and Grandpa! We know you are watching over us.πŸ‘ΌπŸ’–

11 September 2020

The sprightly daughters

These are the sprightly daughters now!!

I, (Lela) am 12, almost thirteen, and am in seventh grade, digitally. I do taekwondo and love to do makeup and hang out with friends.

Kennedy is 9 years old, and just started 4th grade digitally. She takes gymnastics, (although we haven't been able to go for quite some time) and likes to play roblox.

Resli is the oldest, she is 15 years old. Resli just got her learners permit, and is in 10th grade. Her electives are Spanish (both her and mami's choice) and psychology, which interests her very much.


Mami and Daddy

This is Mami and Daddy a few months o, at the beach. Don't worry we wore masks and were very safe! Mami is currently in her last few years or months (I'm not 100% sure) of being a chair at UF, they already have her new office set up. Daddy has recently started his secede term as city commissioner, and they are both doing great. Mami and Daddy have been telling me about our family history and their childhoods recently, which sparked my interest in re-starting the World Wide Wards! 

 Hello everyone, its Lela! Due to Covid, the kids have been using their free time to look at this blog. Although Mami and Daddy are very busy, as am I with homework, I thought I would start this up again! I will be posting as often as possible, starting with some getting to know us pictures. We have all changed and I am so glad to start this again!

that's us btw :)