11 September 2020

The sprightly daughters

These are the sprightly daughters now!!

I, (Lela) am 12, almost thirteen, and am in seventh grade, digitally. I do taekwondo and love to do makeup and hang out with friends.

Kennedy is 9 years old, and just started 4th grade digitally. She takes gymnastics, (although we haven't been able to go for quite some time) and likes to play roblox.

Resli is the oldest, she is 15 years old. Resli just got her learners permit, and is in 10th grade. Her electives are Spanish (both her and mami's choice) and psychology, which interests her very much.


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Kennedy said...

Wow, very good. You know, if you were doing something else in Ms.Hampton's class, she'd call your parents.. I'm very surprised that you can do this stuff. Although it will take lots of writing, you can do it! Love you! <3 -Kk