16 July 2012

So close...

Kennedy is almost walking...

Girl Scout Camping Trip!

A couple weeks ago Resli's Girl Scouts troop took a camping trip to Fort DeSoto park. They kindly let Lela go too, even though she's not quite old enough to be an official scout. 
This is the camp site (sans girl scouts!).
And this is where we put our tent. Well, it was Ms. Kristen's tent, she was very gracious about sharing it! 
We cooked our meals over campfire, in spite of the ridiculous FL heat. And we had a nightly visitor - this raccoon was intent on getting some of our food! We named him Roscoe, and the girls alternated between being terrified of him (he was very brazen about approaching us) and giggle about his silly name. 
We were also visited by other creatures, including this snake.

Our campsite was in the woods, but just a few paces away was a cute little beach, and Resli and Lela loved running down to visit it.

 It wasn't good for swimming - strong currents and lots of sting rays, but we still enjoyed it.
The big excitement was the Saturday, which we spent in Clearwater. We took a boat ride around the various islands and examined all kinds of wildlife.

And we went to the aquarium, too, where we saw a dolphin show and a bunch of other cool animals and fish.

From there we took a trolly 
to the museum they have about Winter, the dolphin that lost her tail and was the basis for the movie DOLPHIN TALE.

We also got to swim at the beach and were so exhausted by the time we got back to camp that night that we almost didn't care how hot it was. (Almost.)
The next morning we cleaned up the campsite and took a few parting group photos.

It was a great experience and although I have vowed never ever to camp again in Florida in July, I commend the scout leaders on planning a great trip!

05 July 2012

Be amazing.

The theme of this summer's YMCA camp is "The Amazing Race," and each week they 'visit' a different country. Their camp T-shirts, in addition to being neon yellow, say "Be amazing" on the front, which I really like.

Today Resli and Lela's groups were going on field trips, so they had to wear their shirts.
I think they're both pretty amazing.

Happy 4th of July!

To celebrate the 4th of July yesterday went to Micanopy, a nearby town, to see their parade. Everyone wore their red white and blue. 

Lots of the floats gave out candy, which Resli and Lela enjoyed immensely. The benefit of that, of course, was that one had a blue tongue and the other had a red tongue.

Later that afternoon, we set off a few of our own fireworks in the back yard. 
Unfortunately, Kennedy seemed a bit scared the whole time.
Harvey, on the other hand, did his own little sparkler dance.

Oh, if only I had had the video on ...
Anyway, we hope you all had a lovely celebration! 

Princess Kennedy

Kennedy came home from daycare with her very own crown the other day. Considering the company she keeps around home, she should fit right in now!

Sitting pretty

Resli and Lela have these great lounge chairs, so Kennedy decided she wanted to sit in one too.

I helped her get in and boy was she pleased with herself. 

Unfortunately, the dismount was somewhat less successful.

But everyone is ok!