29 June 2011

All in a day's work

Life as a newborn is full of fun and excitement. 
Kennedy went for her first walk today. She slept through it, which is just as well because it was crazy hot and humid, but at least we all got some fresh air.
She also spent time getting to know Nana.
And by "getting to know" I do mean "trying to nurse on the collar of her shirt"!
After that, she spent some time in her new swing. 
And, to top it all off, she helped me with some important Spanish Department related emails.  
The fun just never ends... It makes you wonder why she sleeps all day, with all this excitement and adventure going on around her!

Tummy time

As I mentioned below, we've started a little tummy time with Kennedy. I can't say she likes it all that much,
but she's got a heck of a cheering section!
Resli and Lela feel it's very important to encourage her and even keep her company as needed.
Lela showed her how Baby enjoyed floor time too, 
so that Kennedy could learn to enjoy that part also.
OK, I confess that I get down there with her every now and then too. She got her head up to 45 degrees here, which is why I look so excited.
We'll keep at it.

25 June 2011

Bath time - this time for real!

Kennedy had her first real bath (like, in water, not a sponge bath). She handled it like a champ and didn't cry at all. She was curious and inquisitive and looked around and explored the whole time.
Still though, the best part was the warm cozy cuddling afterwards! 

Floor play

Yesterday we started some floor play with Kennedy. (Her umbilical cord is healed, so we can start tummy time too - oh joy! No pictures of that torture just yet.) It wasn't all that eventful, we just kind of looked at each other.
Until, that is, Resli and Lela came home. Then it was a party.
And of course the 'floor' part didn't last too much longer. 
They both wanted a chance to hold her.
And they're very possessive. Look how jealous Lela is when it's Resli's turn!
Resli takes to this maternal instinct thing quite naturally.
Except when she gets a little over-zealous. 
Luckily, Kennedy is pretty flexible and still enjoyed the time with her older sisters.
(Meliss gave me a card once with a diagram on it about how to fold your cat for storage in a sweater drawer - that's what this picture reminds me of...)

Summer fun days

Resli and Lela are having a blast at their respective summer camps. At the YMCA, Resli's in Yellow group, and on Fridays they're supposed to wear their group color. Lucky for her, Reeny and Kenn sent this perfect dress, and she was, in her own words, "rockin' the yellow."
Lela, for her part, was excited for her water play day. They get to go to school in their bathing suits (note the yellow solidarity, too).
And then change into normal clothes after the water fun is done. These new gym shorts are her favorites these days, and I love how athletic they make her look. :)

22 June 2011

Back in the sling of things

I apologize upfront for that horrible pun, it just couldn't be helped. I'm sleep deprived, cut me some slack.
With Lela, I was a master of the sling. She rode in that thing all the time. So I'm trying to get Kennedy used to it too. Unfortunately, I seem to have lost my magic touch.
This doesn't quite look right...
Kennedy didn't seem to mind at all, but seriously, how can this be comfortable for her?!?
Sigh. We'll keep trying...

Settling in at home

Life around the Ward household is slowly returning to some semblance of normal. Or at least our new normal. 
This morning Resli and Lela celebrated their new sundresses with some dancing and goofiness.

Meanwhile, Kennedy took a nap and practiced her sleep smiles.

Sounds about right for a lazy summer morning, doesn't it?

20 June 2011

First doctor visit

Kennedy went to visit Dr. Grooms this morning to make sure she's doing well in her fourth day of life.
She lost 8 oz in the hospital (that's normal), but when she was weighed today
we discovered that she's already gained back 3 of those lost ounces. 
For the most part, it was a happy experience and we enjoyed waiting to see the doc.
Until Kennedy sneezed!
So Daddy got close and had a long discussion about healthy living with her.
There's so much to learn!
Dr. Grooms says Kennedy is perfect and everything looks great. We go back in another week-and-a-half for her two week check-up.

19 June 2011

Happy family

"I'm purrrfect"

We went out to lunch today to help Daddy and Granddaddy celebrate their special day. Kennedy wore some new clothes for the outing - this was a gift from Tania, in my office. Her daughter (4 yrs old) loves kitty cats and decided this was the perfect outfit for their gift.
The shirt says "Mommy thinks I'm purr-fect."
Which, of course, I do.
The pants are cute too - Resli and Lela thought it was hysterical that the "baby had a kitty on her booty"...
Thank you, Tania and family!

Bath time

It's too early to do a real bath, but Kennedy got some sponging off in honor of Father's Day today. 
I can't say she really enjoyed the experience all that much.
She did, however, LOVE the part where we rinsed her hair with warm water from the sprayer faucet. It bodes well for future bath times.

18 June 2011

Goodbye hospital, Hello home!

Finally, we were allowed to leave the hospital today. All we needed was a quick hearing test (she passed), 
and the carseat
and we were on our way!

Resli and Lela and prepared signs to welcome us home and to wish me a happy birthday.


You can't see Kennedy here but I swear she's in there.
Everyone is tired but we're all happy to be home together.

Sisterly bonding

Resli and Lela came to visit Kennedy in the hospital again yesterday, and got to hold her this time.
It was a good bonding experience, and nobody was hurt.
Hopefully, all of our bonding will end this happily!

Welcome, Kennedy!

Although it was about a week early, Kennedy let us know Thursday morning that she was ready to enter the world. So off we went to the hospital, and by that afternoon she had made her appearance. 
Shortly after she was born, she was lucky (?) enough to meet her big sister Resli

and Lela too. Lela was a little more hesitant at first, but warmed up to her eventually.
She also got to meet Grandma
and Granddaddy too!
All the love kind of wore her out, but she'll have to get used to it.
During that brief visit at the hospital she got her first bath, which she did not enjoy as much as all the introductions.
Resli and Lela were intrigued by the process, and Ms. Frances - our wonderful labor and delivery nurse - was very patient explaining everything that was going on.
And then she was clean and rested and, except for a wee bit of infant acne, just about perfect.