24 April 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone! As you can see, the Easter Bunny did indeed visit our house. At the end of the jelly bean trail the girls found their baskets, with beautiful Easter dresses in them.

After a quick breakfast we headed over the church to decorate the cross with flowers.
Then there was some down time, so I tried to get some pretty pictures of the girls in their pretty dresses.

Then all the children who helped decorate the cross got together for a group shot. Didn't it come out well?

After church we went to Grandma and Granddaddy's house for Easter dinner and general silliness.

This photo shoot ended up in much laughter and craziness...

(This is them trying not to laugh or smile!)

Of course, there was singing as well.

And bowing...

And curtsying (sp?).

Par for the course for a holiday around here, but lots of fun nonetheless!

Glen Springs Carnival 2011

Friday Glen Springs Elementary school had their annual carnival. There were all kinds of games and some rides and lots of fun.
Resli and Lela especially liked the bouncy slide.

And there was a train that gave rides around the parking lot. (I know, I didn't think that was too exciting either, but apparently elementary school aged children DO!)

And face painting!

Resli decided she wanted a rose with wings... So that's what she got!

Lots of fun. I can see this becoming an annual tradition. (Although hopefully it won't be in the 90s next year!)
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16 April 2011

Splashy fun

Resli's girl scout friend Amber had a birthday party today at a nearby splash park. The girls had a great time playing in the water and splashing around.

 Kennedy was there too!
(There are in fact many more good photos but for the time being I can't figure out how to get them up on the blog from my new computer - just not sure where they're stored and why it won't let me select certain ones to upload, but I can select others....)

09 April 2011

Lady Gators softball

This afternoon we went to see the Gator softball team play. I think Resli and Lela started off mostly excited about getting popcorn there.
But they ended up watching some of the game too. It was hot and sunny, but I think Resli may be getting some inkling of the whole point of the sport.
She end Lela decided that their time was best spent finding a shady spot to look out for foul balls.
But everyone had a good time and posed for a close-up or two.

08 April 2011

Happy Birthday, Zach!

This week our friend Zach turned 2, and to celebrate he had a party this evening. In addition to dinner and cake and balloons and fun, there were party hats, which both Resli
and Lela enjoyed. 
The birthday boy sported the best look, though, of course. 
The girls loved playing at the new park, with a playground we'd never been to before!

More school pictures

When I was little I don't remember getting school pictures taken several times throughout the year, but rather at one big event in the fall. Apparently they do things differently now, or at least down here, as both Resli and Lela have had several 'photo shoots' each year. These are the latest to come from Lela's school. (I only feel slightly guilty about scanning and not purchasing them...)

POSE 1: Girl sitting on rock, with cheesy smile
POSE 2: Close-up of girl leaning on rock, repeat cheesy smile (and proud of painted fingernails)

POSE 3: ??
(Not sure what they were aiming for with this but they got a bit of a Mona Lisa effect.)

I love that they very obviously tried to tame her hair, you can even see that that top part is still damp, and that it very obviously is completely beyond taming! And I just can't get over those cheeks!