16 September 2012

Impromptu photo shoot

A friend of ours, who has a son around Resli's age, has a photography business (Stacey Steinberg Photography). She was at the YMCA to take some pictures of her son and noticed Resli in the pool. She snapped a few candid shots which she was kind enough to share with us. Aren't they great? And they're soooo very Resli too!

Quince meses

It is unreal to me that Kennedy is already a year and a quarter! She seems surprised herself.

Let's touch it to make sure it's real...

Yep, it's real!


Sisters x 3

This is my new favorite picture.

Blocks and Polka Dots

No real commentary for this one, they're just some fun pictures.

01 September 2012

Game day!

Kennedy was technically around for the Gator football season last year, but she wasn't really aware  of the joy that is game day. So this year she's going all out with dresses, pompoms, 

and her sisters trying to teach her to Tebow!

As I write this the Gators are down 7-0 (against Bowling Green... sheesh) but we're going to up our cheering and hope for some better results!