26 January 2013

If you can't beat 'em...

I was happy to feed Kennedy some ice cream at Jason's Deli, but she insisted on doing it herself. Which I knew would be a huge mess... So after some tears (hers, not mine), I gave in. But on one condition:

Winter weather

Every now and then we get a blast of cold air down here. Luckily, Kennedy thinks hats are about the coolest thing around.

Picnics and adventures

The girls and I went to a park on Martin Luthor King Jr. Day, to have some lunch and do some outdoor exploring.

19 January 2013


Saturday afternoon tea party

Lela and Resli decided to have a fancy tea party for grandma this afternoon. We started off with tea and snacks, and then progressed to games, reading and drawing contests. They are energetic party hosts!