02 March 2013

Birthday party palooza

Last weekend we had not one but two 5-year-old birthday parties to attend. The first was at a park, the second was fairy-themed. Here are some photos from both for your enjoyment!

22 February 2013

How old is she?

You may have noticed that Kennedy's parents neglected to post both a 19-month and a 20-month photo of her. Shame on them.
But here is a generically adorable photo to try to make up for their failures.

09 February 2013

Resli's birthday extravaganza

The day started with presents at breakfast, then we took the whole family for a dentist visit. (Not your typical birthday plan, but scheduling is hard!) After that Resli and I went to the mall to get her ears pierced and her nails painted and have big girl fun. That evening we went out to dinner at her favorite Mexican restaurant. And finally cake today.
A great birthday, "the best day ever," according to her!

26 January 2013

If you can't beat 'em...

I was happy to feed Kennedy some ice cream at Jason's Deli, but she insisted on doing it herself. Which I knew would be a huge mess... So after some tears (hers, not mine), I gave in. But on one condition:

Winter weather

Every now and then we get a blast of cold air down here. Luckily, Kennedy thinks hats are about the coolest thing around.

Picnics and adventures

The girls and I went to a park on Martin Luthor King Jr. Day, to have some lunch and do some outdoor exploring.