28 May 2011

Lela's end-of-year ceremony

Yesterday Lela's preschool celebrated their end-of-the-year party. When they entered they watched the 2-yr-olds do their performance, and Lela's teacher told them to "keep their bubbles" in their mouths, so they would stay silent. Lela took that directive to heart and never let her bubble go.

When they got on stage she immediately started blowing kisses to her adoring fans.

They sang three songs, which are all on video here. The first was the "New Zoo Review" and I understood virtually no words, but I know they got to act out all different kinds of animals, and that was the highlight. The second was "Bringing Home a Baby Bumble Bee" and the third was "My God is So Big, So Strong and So Mighty."

They all took wonderful bows when they were done.

And then they got their preschool certificate. Lela was quite proud - she won "most imaginative" in her class!

Update on Baby Kennedy

Just in case you were wondering, Kennedy is growing every day, as you can see in these pictures. 
Only a few more weeks until we get to meet her in person!

Daisy Scout "bridging ceremony"

At the end of the school year, the Girl Scouts celebrate their "bridging" ceremony. This is usually to mark the occasion of a Daisy moving to a Brownie Troop, or a Brownie moving to a Girl Scout Troop, so it involved girls of all ages.

In Resli's case, though, she'll still be a Daisy next year since you have to be in 2nd grade before you can be a Brownie. So she did her handshake and pledge thing, 

but she and her two other kindergartener friends celebrated the fact that they'll be awesome Daisies for another year. 

We enjoyed learning about Daisies and making friends and had a great year. We're excited for another one!

21 May 2011


Is it just Resli or is it impossible to get any 6-yr-old to smile normally for a picture?

Here's a good picture of her, caught accidentally in a more or less normal moment!

Pizza time!

As you know, Lela seems to have a penchant for domesticity and all things home-ec related. So she was super psyched at the idea of making pizza the other night. She carefully and artistically layered cheese and pepperoni.

And stood back to admire her handiwork often. 

Resli, though less interested in the whole process, did add some artistic flair with more pepperoni. 

Both were quite pleased with the end result. 

They enjoyed the eating part, too!

07 May 2011

Kindergarten Mothers' Day Performance

Friday Resli's elementary school kindergarten classes (3 of them) put on a wonderful Mothers' Day Program for us. I got there in time to sit front row, but way to the left, so I didn't get a whole lot of great pictures, unfortunately...
The kids worked really hard for weeks putting it together. They said poems,  
and sang songs.
Resli was sitting next to her good friend Amelia, and they apparently had a lot to talk about in between numbers.

At the end the kids all got a flower to bring out to the audience and give their moms.
It was a great show. Happy early Mothers' Day to all you moms out there!

03 May 2011

Resli's new do

Resli decided recently that she wanted to cut her hair. Harvey and I tried to talk her out of it, or at least to make sure she really wanted it.... And when she persisted we went on over to the haircut place.
At first, she said she wanted a pixie cut. For real. And pointed to a picture like this one,
saying that that was exactly what she wanted.
We agreed to compromise on what we called a "modified pixie" cut. This is the result:

I'm not sure she needed any more "sass" in her life, but "sassy" is the word that comes to mind.
Here's a side/rear view:
Resli loves it, and it's super easy. And I think she looks adorable. And about 17 years old. . .

Things that won't last...

Lela absolutely loves doing dishes. She thinks it's just about the most fun anyone can have.

I know that will change, but for now, I'm taking full advantage. At least with non-breakable items.

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