22 April 2012

Is it fun? Or is it punishment?

Let's just agree to disagree on what, exactly, we call this new form of entertainment.

Dancing with Dorothy

This weekend we went to see the Fable Factory's production of The Wizard of Oz at the Thomas Center
It was funny and interesting and Resli and Lela were enthralled for the whole hour and a half. (Kennedy not so much.) The best part though was getting to dance with the cast afterwards. 

That was pretty much heaven on earth for Resli and Lela.

Multilingual Lela

I do my best to work on English and Spanish with the girls. And it helps that one of her pre-k teachers is Chinese.

Pretty impressive, wouldn't you say?


Resli is getting more and more into her tae kwon do. I don't necessarily see any improved discipline or self control at home, but she is doing a great job in class, paying attention, learning her moves, and enjoying herself. 
This is her starting pose. You can see on her belt that she's earned a bunch of stripes, some for knowing the poses and kicks and blocks, others for trying hard or bringing in her perfect report card. (I really like that about the martial arts school, that they talk about and value the whole child and every aspect of their lives.)

I think this is a low block, but you'd have to double check with her to be sure. 

Not sure what this is, but I sure wouldn't want to encounter it in a dark alley late at night!

16 April 2012

In to double digits!

It's hard to believe but today Kennedy is 10 months old! She is, needless to say, quite pleased with herself.

And Cheerios. She's pretty happy about her Cheerios!

13 April 2012

School pictures Spring 2012

Lela and Kennedy's preschool took their spring pictures a few weeks ago. 
Kennedy was able to rally for one semi-smile...

but couldn't maintain it when Lela go there.

(We also, by the way, expected Lela's pictures to be taken the following day. I would have gone to greater lengths to get water, mousse, something in to her hair had I known!)

12 April 2012

Happy Easter!

The Easter Bunny found our house again this year! 

Those jellybeans led all the way out to the girls' baskets - of which there were of course three this year!

And as in past years, Mr. E.B. left dresses for the girls.

Kennedy, this being her first Easter and all, wasn't entirely sure what all the baskets and eggs and such meant.

But she soon figured it out!

Egg, anyone?

Spring break camp at the YMCA

For spring break from school Resli went to the YMCA spring break camp. As a special treat, they also agreed to let Lela go too, even though she isn't quite old enough (by, oh, a year and a half...). 
Resli is in Yellow group still, and Lela, as a (soon-to-be) kindergartner, was in Green group.
So, like any good mother, I pained their fingernails the corresponding colors.

Family service meets Palm Sunday

The first Sunday of each month is family service at church, when the kids get to be more kidlike. (We're in a different room from "big church"so it's ok!) The first Sunday of April (yes, it has been that long since I last posted...) was Palm Sunday, and all the children got to participate in a play. 

Lela was in the Choir of Angels.

Resli was Mary.
(and miraculously grew a candle out of her head?!)

Kennedy just hung out and worked on her cruising skills.