28 February 2011

Happy Birthday Granddaddy!

Over the weekend we celebrated Granddaddy's (upcoming) birthday.
Resli and Lela offered a "Sleeping Beauty Ballet" performance for his viewing pleasure.
Resli (aka Aurora) asked him to play along, too.
He got to be Prince Phillip and awaken her from her slumber.
The girls celebrated with graceful bows.
And, of course, hugs and big smiles.
After which there was (dinner and) cake.
Resli helped Granddaddy make his wish.
Here's hoping it comes true!

Movie night!

The other night, before the Presidents' Day holiday, we arranged for a special treat for the girls: A MOVIE NIGHT! I made a little bed on the floor of the living room and Harvey made some popcorn, and the Toy Story DVD appeared in the player.

Lela got a little scared toward the end, but Resli thoroughly enjoyed herself. They're already planning for the next movie night, which is weeks and weeks (and weeks?) away.
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19 February 2011

Dinner date

We had a very special dinner date tonight - we went out with Ms. Jenifer and Mr. Vlad. 
We hadn't seen Ms. Jenifer in a while, it was great to catch up! Thanks for hanging out with us!

Spring has sprung

Today was an absolutely beautiful day - sunny and warm and spring-like. We celebrated by going to have a picnic in the park. 
The girls were in rare lovable form. There was time for friendly kisses, 
hugging by the fish pond,
dancing by the river.
and monkeying around.
And of course, there was time for our (almost annual?) slide-shot:
We hope you're enjoying the weather wherever you are, too!

06 February 2011

Toothless grin

Resli's other top tooth finally came out this morning during breakfast!
(Unfortunately, it was swallowed with some cheerios. But we have assured her that the Tooth Fairy works on good faith.)

Happy (almost) Birthday, Resli!

This week, Resli will turn six (!!!!!). 
We had her family party on the weekend, so that even our special out of town guests (Liz, Brian and Nana) would be able to attend. After the entertainment, we moved on to presents before dinner. Resli did an excellent job reading all her cards herself, and then opened her wonderful gifts.
There were a combination of items, from books to clothes to toys to dictionaries. All in all a wonderful birthday treat for her. Here she is showing off the Wizard of Oz snow-globe from Grandpa - a huge hit! - and modeling the new outfit from Harvey and me. 
One of the biggest hits in the book department was a set of the next four books that we need in the Magic Treehouse series - such a hit that it resulted in dancing and singing.
Then of course, the real highlight was cake.
The girls waited patiently for it to make its appearance... 
Resli had said she wanted a "flower" cake, so I did my best to please her:

It was a fabulous party and Resli couldn't have been happier. She's looking forward to a Girl Scouts party Monday evening and some kind of singing and popsicle thing at school on Tuesday, the big day itself.
I can't believe she's already six years old!

The Resli and Lela Review

Taking advantage of the party we were having, Resli and Lela decided they wanted to put on a performance for our guests. So we created the first Resli and Lela Review, complete with programs and everything.
They sang some duets, and also each got some solos.

There were knock knock jokes too, thrown in in between the numbers.

The crowd loved it. I have a feeling the Review will be back...