25 August 2012

First day of school!

Public school started this week (although Lela and Kennedy went back to their school the week before.) 

 Resli was so excited I couldn't believe it. True, she was pretty happy about her new school clothes....But she was also really thrilled to start a new school year, meet a new teacher, and learn new things.
She's had a great first week, and already earned a prize for good behavior/good listening!

Baby needs a new pair of shoes

Because good walkers need good shoes! Check out these awesome new kicks.

Hey, did you see they have Dora on them??
(Kennedy kind of says "Dora" too, like [do-aa].)

 Yea, we're pretty pumped.

18 August 2012


It's hard to believe, but Kennedy is already 14 months old!

And apparently pretty happy about it!

Not to mention very curious about the iPad...

We may have to find alternate signage for the next 10 months of photos...

YMCA Talent Show

Last week the YMCA Summer Campers had a talent show to share their many varied skills. When I was their age I don't think I ever would have dared to get up and do anything, but Resli and Lela were very brave. Resli dressed up as Dorothy and sang "Over the Rainbow"

and Lela did some wonderful ballet moves (which I didn't catch on camera because I was trying to contain Kennedy at the same time).
At the end they all took their bows,

And then hand some fun.

We were pretty proud of them!

Mmmm, watermelon!

Kennedy discovered at the beach that she loves watermelon. 

And I discovered that I love her posture when eating!

04 August 2012

Beach week 2012

I don't know if you remember or not, but last year about this time we took a vacation to the beach at Palm Coast (see here and here for refresher posts). We had such a great time that we repeated the fun this year, only it was even better because it was us, Meliss and Mathias and Atticus and Emmeline, Nana, and Uncle Adam and Aunt Amy as well!

There was so much to enjoy that I didn't get nearly enough photos, but here are some highlights.

The Ward sisters ready for swimming!

The resort pool was a big favorite for everyone.

Especially the kiddie pool.

There was a fabulous splash play area too.

Kennedy enjoyed getting to know her cousin Emmeline, who is only a few months older than she is.

And we took advantage of the great view off our porch to take some family pictures.
The Wards:

(Left to right in back: Adam, Amy, Nancy, Kennedy, Harvey, Gillian, Emmeline, Melissa; Let to right front row: Mathias, Atticus's head, Resli, Lela)

The sibs and mom (or as Resli has captioned it, "Nana with her babies")

It was a wonderful week, and amazing to spend time with family that we don't get to see nearly enough of.