30 September 2011


We had a special exciting outing this evening after school. My friend Vasu invited us to come to a special Navaratri celebration at the Thomas Center. (In case you don't want to click that link,  Navaratri is a Hindu festival of worship of Shakti, the divine feminine creative power. The celebration consists of dancing and eating and often displays of dolls... Among other great things.) 
When we got there, there were a group of young girls dancing, and Resli and Lela were immediately entranced.

After the dancing we went in to look at the displays they had set up. We walked in and Resli gasped, "Ooh, look, it's Christmas!" It did kind of look like it, with lights and mini scenes set up.

Everyone was so nice and explained all the stories and meanings to us, and I was surprised at how interested both Resli and Lela were. 

It was interesting trying to explain things like the flood that lasted days and days and the one person who was instructed to build a boat and put all the animals on it... but of course in the Hindu version is not named Noah. I don't know if they got it or not, but they were enjoying themselves.

Resli's highlight though, hands down, was talking to two of the girls who had been dancing before. I had explained that the dance moves told a story, so she asked these girls what the story was. They explained it to her (so she says, I didn't hear and nor would she repeat for me!), and then asked them if they would take a picture with her.  

Afterwards we had a picnic out by the fountain. No good pictures of that but I did want to point out that I had Kennedy in her elephant bib quite by accident, but it seemed fitting for an Indian festival! 

What to do when she's growing out of the swaddle?

Kennedy's swaddle blanket - the most wonderful Miracle Blanket - has become a bit small for her. So I tried not swaddling her for a while... That didn't work at all. So I had to go with Plan B: modify current swaddle blanket. The seam ripper is a miraculous tool! 

And Kennedy didn't seem to mind her feet hanging out! 

Just more happy smiley times with Kennedy

17 September 2011

Gettin' our Gator on

It's September. It's Saturday. You know what that means... 
It's game day! 
We are all appropriately decked out for the Gator's big game against Tennessee today. (By "big" I mean that it's our SEC opener, not that it's necessarily going to be a tough match. I expect us to kick butt...)
Kennedy tried out her new gator outfit from Brent and Naomi, and even though it's 3-6 months, she wears it well.

I went and got my nails done:

And then Resli and Lela wanted theirs done in orange and blue too. 

11 September 2011

How we hang on Sunday afternoons

The Ward girls know how to have fun on  Sunday afternoons.
Kennedy enjoys tummy time.

Resli made up an elaborate play with her finger puppets.

And Lela, well, Lela danced.

Uh oh, Lela found the camera...

Remember when you were in high school and someone got hold of your camera at a party, and it was always interesting to see what they'd photographed? Well, Lela took my camera this morning and managed to turn it on (unbeknownst to me, at first at least). 

So it seems that to begin with she didn't quite know which side was which...

There we go... She's figuring it out. Hello, Kennedy! 

And she caught Mami and Daddy as they were getting dressed.

Resli was reading a book.

She took a picture of the beautiful quilt that Grandma made Kennedy.

There's Mami and Daddy again.

I am placing the camera on higher shelves from now on!

Happy bumbo!

Kennedy has gotten so good at holding her head up that I got out the bumbo seat even though I thought it might be too early for it. 
Turns out, I was wrong! She can sit up in it just fine!

I think she definitely likes the different perspective! 

She gets tired and then goes a little lopsided, but we've added to the rotation of "where-to-put-the-baby" places.

Kennedy on the move

The other morning I put Kennedy on her little playmat so I could answer a few emails. 
I looked up after a minute or so and she had wiggled herself off.

A few seconds later, she'd gone even further. 

And then even further. 

It seemed to be an enjoyable few minutes for her, until she hit the basket and got stuck. Besides, she'd left her pacifier half way along the way. 

I didn't think we'd have to be so alert for movement quite this early!

03 September 2011


Yes my friends, it's that time of year again. Football season started today at colleges and universities around the country, and we are no exception. Lela donned her Gator gear for school spirit Friday, like every Friday before a game.

And today we all put on some orange and blue. Even Kennedy.

Gosh those colors look good together, don't they?

Lela tried to teach Kennedy to do the chomp...

She was just happy to be part of the fun!