30 December 2011

Enjoying some of the Christmas gifts

Resli and Lela both got awesome -and hip- knee socks (from Frosty), and they look super cute. They also got wonderful fleecy jackets from Aunt Liz. Here's Resli showing all her stuff off. (In the background are the lounge chairs Grandma and Granddaddy got them, also a huge hit!)
And here's Lela having a temper tantrum because a) the socks are "itchly;" b) the jacket doesn't have a hood and apparently she only likes jackets with hoods (?); and c) her brand new awesome big girl sneakers are too tight (in spite of being a size 12.5). A morning wouldn't be complete without one of these fits.

Grandpa gave Resli this wonderful easel with art supplies, and Lela got a smaller version. They both enjoyed playing artist, and graciously switched from paint to whiteboard and chalkboard. (The big easel stays outside, the little one from the Metropolitan Museum of Art can come inside.)

Kennedy's walker, which was a day-after-Christmas purchase at the consignment store, made for a perfect spectator spot. 

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