10 October 2011

Linguists make the best friends

At the conference last weekend Kennedy learned a lesson I've known for quite some time - that linguists make fabulous friends.
She generally enjoyed being at the conference, surrounded by smart curious people. Even on game day (we were in enemy territory, after all, so we had to sport our gator gear proudly).

But sometimes she found herself lonely during those coffee breaks.

But wouldn't you know it, friends would come along to help out. Diego read her books.

And Anne and Carrie made her laugh and smile.

At the banquet, she met lots of great people. Here she is with Kim, who kindly let me get my dinner!

Jason has put forth a standing offer to take her from me. Permanently. (I won't be taking him up on that, but it's nice to know he's willing!)

Anne got a second chance, and Katherine looked on to make sure she was in good hands.

And well she should have, since Anne tried to sneak her a glass of wine on Maria's watch!

Most of all, she enjoyed being part of the Florida gang at the conference, even if she was asleep for it!

We both consider ourselves quite lucky indeed.


Dr L said...

You are so brave! Such a cutie!

Melissa said...

Love it! Congratulations to both of you.