29 October 2011

Happy 4th birthday, Lela!

You may not remember what you were doing on this day four years ago, but I sure do. Nana and I went to get a pedicure and then I went to a check-up with my obgyn - at which point he decided to induce me. And thus, Lela joined our world. Remember?

It's hard to believe that was four whole years ago already, isn't it? All three sisters were ready and eager to celebrate the big day today.
I dare say Resli was more excited about it than Lela herself. She's got a lot of that oldest-sibling thing going on, wanting to take care of everyone.

Lela was as Lela-y as ever.

And Kennedy was playful and happy as well.

We had some friends and family over for lunch, and then we opened presents. And by "we" I mean Resli opened Lela's presents for her, essentially. And she read her all her cards.

Mr. Patrick and Ms. Stephanie gave her a Rapunzel dress, which she hasn't taken off since (except for one minor incident which you'll see below).

Uncle Adam and Aunt Amy gave her these awesome  light-up red cowboy boots. Waaaaay cool.

Nana gave her a book which she and Resli stopped everything to sit and read, cover to cover.

After presents it was cake time. When I asked Lela last week what kind of cake she wanted, she said she wanted a cake with a unicorn. Thanks to Publix, I was able to comply.

Lela, not wanting to get her Ranpunzel dress dirty, took it off. Yea... she's not wearing anything but an apron. I don't know why, so don't ask.

This isn't a great picture, she just looks so grown up in it I couldn't resist.

Oh yea, boots. Nuff said.

Harvey and I gave Lela a fish tank and fish for her birthday. World, meet Izzy.
 (Resli ended up getting one too. They're bettas though, so they need to be in different tanks.)
It's been a pretty great four years. I love you, Squidgy.

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Stephanie Barrett said...

So glad we could help Lela celebrate her special day--can't believe she's four already!It was good to see you all, thanks again for having us!