07 October 2011

Kennedy's first conference

Kennedy and I took our first solo trip together yesterday. We drove 8 hours up to Athens, GA for the Hispanic Linguistics Symposium. After the long drive, we were very happy to be in our hotel room.

We both needed a little time to relax before the opening reception of the conference. 

The bathing facilities were all marble and chrome.

Gotta wash the road off, you know.

Now, the sleeping accommodations weren't quite as luxurious, but Kennedy made do.

And today we went and learned all about linguistics: from code-switching to phonology, language acquisition to syntax. As it turns out, Kennedy is a Minimalism fan.

She's eager to learn lots more tomorrow, but for now, we rest.


hlward said...

She's totally down with Chomsky's politics too.

Melissa said...

You lost me at "linguistics," but dang she's cute!