31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is here! 
We carved our pumpkins yesterday - Lela's is the scared one, Resli's is the freaky happy looking one. Kennedy's was too small to carve so it got a drawn-on face, but then donated itself to a first grade science experiment today.

Resli had to wear dress code clothes to school but it was crazy hat and sock day, so she wore the hat from her cowgirl costume and mismatched socks.

Kennedy celebrated her first Halloween in grand feline style.

And Lela was Rapunzel. The doggie costume that was our intended plan was immediately discarded when the Rapunzel dress showed up as a birthday gift!

Everyone had fun at school. And then this evening they got all gussied up again and went out to the YMCA's Halloween party.

There were all kinds of activities and games. You had to go through all the stations to get to the reward at the end. There was a bean bag toss,

and an eyeball toss...

and making ghost stew by sucking ghosts up through a straw. Lela clearly thought that was too hard and told the counsellor so. She let her cheat a little.

There was a ghost toss too. (I'm sensing a theme...)

They had a pin the tail on the cat game, and Resli did pretty poorly! Lela did great because she was only pretending to cover her eyes.

Kennedy and Daddy hung out too, although she was too young to play the games, eat the candy or understand what was going on.

The reward was this great big bounce slide, and a bag of candy.

I miss old fashioned trick or treating, but since it seems like nobody in our neighborhood does that anymore, this was a suitable alternative.

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Melissa said...

Too dang cute! Love all their costumes.