04 December 2011

Resli's school performance

Last week Resli's Project Friends multiage class put on a wonderful musical performance. It was all about friendship and helping. Resli's costume assignment was to be a community helper, so she wore her Dr. Ward white coat and a stethoscope.

There were a lot of musical numbers, this is a clip of one. Resli is on the far right.

Afterwards they posed for photos. This is all of them, from K-2nd grade.

Waving to the adoring fans.

We were allowed a brief sneak back stage to visit with the talent.

As a side note, we're really happy with this class. Resli loves school, is learning a ton, and really looks forward to going every day. (After the five-day Thanksgiving weekend she told us she was "school sick" because she wanted to go back so much!)

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