25 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

On top of the fact that our house is home to four million germs, I misplaced the camera for approximately 36 hours, so we have very little documentation of this year's Christmas celebrations. 
As we feared, the girls were unable to participate in the pageant at church, and we had a quiet day at home on Christmas Eve. For dinner everyone rallied enough to wear their Christmas dresses, at least - only after much Ibuprofen. (And I did have to bribe Resli and Lela, 25 cents each, to put on their dresses.) But the result was well worth it:

Today, Christmas Day, everyone is feeling mostly better. Still shaky and not quite right, but they're all in much better spirits and after about noon nobody had a fever. Whew.
So we enjoyed the morning at home and then went over to Grandma and Granddaddy's house for dinner. Like I said, they're not 100% yet, so there weren't a whole lot of smiles to go around.
(Check out Lela's new snazzy dress, which goes splendidly with her rockin' cowgirl boots!)

Kennedy is feeling the best I think, she's almost back to her usual happy self.

So, apologies for our lack of health and mostly our lack of photography, but now that I have found the camera you can look forward to lots of fun and exciting updates. (?)

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