06 November 2011

Let the Gator Growl!

This weekend was homecoming at UF, so there was lots of celebrating to do.
Friday we went to the parade. (There's no school - universities, public schools, nothing - on Homecoming Friday in Gainesville!)  Lela thought the sirens were pretty loud,

But we loved seeing Albert and Alberta drive by! 

It was beautiful weather, 

and we were with all of Resli's girl scout friends.

We all got tired though. This is Lela sitting on my left leg, Resli lying on my right leg, and Kennedy in the Snugli.

And then on Saturday we went to the football game! Kennedy sat that one out, but it was Resli and Lela's first experience in the Swamp.

Lots of students from my department were there, so we were in good company. 

Resli and Lela seemed to really enjoy the game. It was crowded and loud and a little chilly, but they cheered and watched and stayed pretty involved.

We made it through the third quarter before we left.

And Lela wasn't in her seat 2 minutes before she zonked out.

Not something we'll do every weekend, but good for a treat every once in a while.

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