22 August 2010

Gator game night

Daddy and Resli has a great Gator adventure on Friday evening. They got their Gator gear on,

and headed over to the soccer stadium to see the women's team play.

Resli enjoyed it for a long time, following the ball up and down the field with her eyes and cheering for the Gators.

Eventually though, as the evening wore on, she decided it would be ok to read about the final score in the newspaper the next day. Turns out the Gators won, and Resli got almost a full night's sleep.
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hlward said...

I know what you're thinkin'. Harvey went to a soccer game? Yes. Two words: Role Models. Resli could do worse than those ladies.

Also, we were playing Miami. I hate UM. I'd watch us play them in tiddlywinks.

Gillian Lord Ward said...

Check out Resli's swollen eyes... Thanks, Gainesville allergies, for two weeks of that.