02 May 2010

A very close call (updated 5/5/10)

We had some very severe storms here Friday night, thunder, lightning, hail, maybe even some tornadoes. All night long we heard thuds and bumps of branches falling, hail hitting the windows, all kinds of noises. (And we were without power for several hours overnight.) So Saturday we were very curious to see what our yard and street looked like.
Overall, we came out ok. Parts of our road were closed for a good part of the day due to downed trees and power lines, but our only significant damage was this treetop down in our back yard.

It was one of the "weaknesses" we knew about in our yard, that we've just been waiting to figure out how to finance. Lots of weak trees and limbs that need to come down.

But when we saw how close this one came to doing real damage, we made the decision to make these trees our priority - before the brunt of hurricane season comes.

For today, though, we're just grateful for the 6 feet of breathing room we got this time!

UPDATE 5/5/10
We heard a big noise during the night last night. Turns out the treetop gave up the fight and fell all the way off. On to our fence. Time to call the tree people.

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