02 May 2010

Morning fun, Westside style

After all the rain the other night, the weather has been sunny and beautiful. Well, hot and humid, but that's what these Floridians seem to call beautiful summer weather. So we and Mami packed up the camera and our water bottles this morning and headed to Westside Park, our favorite place to pass the time. Resli and I took off running as soon as we got there.
I really really really wanted to go on the big girl swings, but I couldn't reach.
Luckily, Mami helped me up and then Resli, the best big sister ever, pushed me!

Wheeeee, that part was fun!

Then we moved on to the jungle gym. Peek-a-boo!

And boy did we discover some fun ways to go down the slide.  
Now I ask you, did you do anything nearly as fun with your Sunday morning?

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