19 July 2011

Hi ho, hi ho...

Yes indeed, it's off to work we go! 
I had to go in to the office today so Kennedy came along for the ride.
She was very helpful in dealing with all kinds of business, from phone calls and emails to meetings and signing forms for students. 
OK, truth be told she wasn't all that helpful. I expected her to sleep a bit more than she did. Instead she demanded the attention of everyone who came in to the office. 
Regardless, it was a great excuse to wear this new dress, which was a gift from Bobbye (who works in the office). Thank you, Bobbye! 
Kennedy and I are going to have to work on scheduling her naps better as we approach the beginning of the fall semester and more and more things need my attention...

PS - I realize that Lela used this blogpost title already. However, that was over three years ago, so it seems to me that it's appropriate to bring it out again.

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