08 April 2011

More school pictures

When I was little I don't remember getting school pictures taken several times throughout the year, but rather at one big event in the fall. Apparently they do things differently now, or at least down here, as both Resli and Lela have had several 'photo shoots' each year. These are the latest to come from Lela's school. (I only feel slightly guilty about scanning and not purchasing them...)

POSE 1: Girl sitting on rock, with cheesy smile
POSE 2: Close-up of girl leaning on rock, repeat cheesy smile (and proud of painted fingernails)

POSE 3: ??
(Not sure what they were aiming for with this but they got a bit of a Mona Lisa effect.)

I love that they very obviously tried to tame her hair, you can even see that that top part is still damp, and that it very obviously is completely beyond taming! And I just can't get over those cheeks!


Resli Costabell said...

I love the obvious "nail polish pride". And that hair: precious! Lela's adorable.

Brief middle aged rant: I hope the schools that allow the money-sucking photographers in *THREE* times annually aren't also complaining that they don't have enough time to get through the entire curriculim.

arturony said...

A regular Shirley Temple!!

Melissa said...

I think they're great! Those cheeks, and those curls!!