24 September 2010

Go west, young women!

Last weekend we took a very exciting trip for Uncle Adam's wedding. We headed west to Denver, Colorado. (Interestingly enough, I'd always heard that this was a quotation from Horace Greeley, but apparently that's not for sure anymore.You learn something new every day.) 
Travel can be infuriating, as we all know, from security to fitting your carry-on bags in the small space provided. Luckily, all our equipment was appropriately sized.
We arrived at our hotel, tired, but excited about the adventures awaiting us, 
and thrilled to spend time with family and friends. The girls were especially happy to spend some quality playtime with their cousin Atticus, who seemed to enjoy himself too!
The next day we took a trip to a nearby mall, where there happened to be an American Girl store. Resli has seen a catalog, so we thought she might like to explore the store.
We thought right. 
That evening there was a lovely dinner party for everyone to meet and hang out. Our highlight of this event was getting to meet Amy, the bride, since we'd only very briefly met her a few years earlier. They look like a happy couple, don't they?
 Everyone had a good time, in spite of the fact that it was waaayyyyy past bedtime!
 The festivities continued later with Aunt Jennifer's birthday party. Resli was exuberant, and contagiously so.
 Lela was pretty psyched about the cupcakes.
 Resli took advantage of the occasion to sing one of her favorite songs from The Wizard of Oz. (And then some, but we'll only subject you to one of the videos!)

Then Jennifer joined in and sang some of her songs too.

And the next day was the big day. We were treated to a lovely beauty salon experience, which Harvey dubbed "Primpapalooza". Resli got curly!
(Lela, as you know, already has enough curls!)
And the cousins reconvened in the lobby, all gussied up and ready for celebration.
 Even mom and dad got dressed up.

 And then the ceremony took place in the beautiful Pavilion in the City Park of Denver. It was picture perfect. If you don't count the fact that the bride's wedding dress was stolen and then recovered by local law enforcement... but what's a wedding without a little excitement?
 Followed by a great reception  at the Museum of Science and Nature, where the girls danced the night away.

All in all, a great wedding, a great weekend, a great trip... and congrats to Adam and Amy, a great couple!


Anonymous said...

Lela and Resli looked wonderful - and so did their parents - what a fun weekend.


Melissa said...

Love all your pix. (I'm so jealous that you had the patience to get them all into one post...) Atticus had such a great time with his cousins. AND he learned to "shake his booty" from Lela. Now THAT'S a weekend!