26 June 2010

Fun at the museum

It is ridiculously hot and humid out - it was already well over 90 degrees by 10am this morning - so we went in search of fun and free things to do (mostly) indoors. Thank goodness we have our annual membership to the Florida Museum of Natural History and its butterfly rainforest. 
Starting at the parking lot, everything is cool - there are sculptures right outside. 

Even the fire hydrants made Lela smile!
We first went to see the butterflies, before it got any warmer out. There were tons of them, probably because of the nice heat - we've never seen so many. Even just sitting there, they landed right on your head and stuff.
Some enjoyed that more than others. Resli still seems a bit freaked out by them.
Luckily, there are lots of other cool things to see and do out there. 
But it was getting late, and it was lunch time, 
so we decided to finish exploring the rest of the museum. The cave is the girls' favorite part, it shows what plant and animal life is like inside Florida's caves. It's all dark and scary inside, so coming out is a fun part too. 
One of the other great parts of the museum is the kids' Discovery Room where there are all kinds of things to do, see, touch and play with. Lela and Resli colored for a while, 
and then Lela read a book while Resli helped the staff mix up the memory game cards.


All in all, a successful outing! How was your Saturday morning?

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