09 April 2010

Is there a doctor in the house?

It's been a rough several weeks in our household, with illness after illness. At one point I think all four of us were on some kind of antibiotic or another... This week is vacation for the girls' school, which is just as well because it's been no different health-wise than previous weeks. Lela had a brief but intense stomach bug that required an entire box of pullups to get through it. Resli is still having trouble hearing and has all kinds of congestion and cough issues, and it turns out she has yet another ear infection. And then yesterday SHE got the stomach bug and pretty much vomited any time anything other than water entered her system. She had a fever, although seems to be better today. But we're taking it easy just in case.

Of course, she can still manage a smile for the camera.

I think she's on the mend... For now, at least.

UPDATE 4/8: I take that back. After a light dinner it turns out that no, the vomiting is not over!

UPDATE 4/9: Just came back from Pediatric After Hours with Resli - had to get dual shots of an antibiotic since she can't keep the antibiotics down and the ears are getting worse (two infections now). Traumatic but hopefully on the way to getting better - although we need another, maybe two more shots after 24 and 48 hours. Poor thing. Lela had another round of hers this morning but seems to be ok now. Harvey has the flu too.

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